Remembering the Summer of 2010

Time flies when you are having fun. Now that summer is officially over meteorologically speaking since September 1 has dawned, the fun of the summer of 2010 flew by and is but a memory. Fall is here and along with watching the colors change, we look forward to the Packers taking to the field led by Pro Bowler and MACC Fund friend Aaron Rodgers. The Bucks are preparing for training camp later this month in anticipation of a season filled with hope and optimism including a preseason highlighted by the 34th annual Bucks MACC Fund Game on October 22 vs. the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Brewers are hoping for a final month surge to carry over into the offseason after a season of hitting Doubles which yielded $50 each for the MACC Fund thanks to the Silver Lining provided by West Bend Mutual Insurance. The Admirals and the Wave join the Badgers and the Golden Eagles in looking forward to great seasons after a summer of providing support in a variety of ways to help the children who look to the MACC Fund for Hope.

The Summer of 2010 will long be remembered for its near-record rainfall and tragic flooding. The rains didn’t dampen the bounty of fund-raising events benefitting the MACC Fund fight against childhood cancer however. Now it is time to head back to school for kids of all ages. This may seem routine to many, but to a child battling cancer of a blood disorder, going back to school is never taken for granted. Joining classmates is something to look forward to since it means that they are ready to stand the rigors of schooling. It is never taken for granted and stands as a sign that things are going well.

So when the school bells ring, thanks to the support of many, lots of kids who benefit from MACC Fund supported research will be ready to answer the call whether in grade school, middle school, high school or college. Some won’t be able to join their classmates and will have to be content to learn while in the hospital or at home linked to their studies and friends by the wonders of the Internet, email, Twitter and Facebook. Although their return to the classroom may be delayed, it will always remain as a goal.

Thanks to everyone who made the MACC Fund part of their summer of 2010. We look forward to a great fall as well and hope to see you at upcoming events which you can keep track of by visiting Thanks for helping the MACC Fund help kids.

~John Cary, Executive Director


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