Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving.  Thanks for helping give the promise of the same Happy Thanksgiving wishes to the children with cancer and blood disorders through your interest the MACC Fund. You need only look at Emilie’s TODAY’S TMJ4 MACC*Star to know the importance of your support.  The words “Love, Smile, Be Happy” sum up this adorable 7-year-old. Her inscription is especially poignant when you think that she has undergone chemotherapy since her fifth birthday.  She is off treatment now and her blond hair is growing back. Her smile never left. Kids like Emilie are the “face of the MACC Fund.” 

Thanks to the efforts of so many people, many children battling cancer will be at their family’s dinner table.  An internationally renown physician/scientist who is a member of the MACC Fund’s external Scientific Advisory Board spoke of the children who will not be with their family when she solemnly said “we do research to honor those whom we lost.”

Thanks to generous friends, the MACC Fund has contributed $39 million to research in Wisconsin to help kids here and throughout the world. This has played an important role in helping the overall cancer cure rate to rise from 20% to 80% over the past 30 years.  Yet we all know that the research needs to continue until we reach 100%. 

Thank you for being part of the MACC Fund Team that is providing a Gift of Hope Through Research to children with cancer and related blood disorders. We wish you all the best Thanksgiving wishes always and all ways.

John Cary ~ Executive Director


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