Kapco and The Bradley Center Give Kids Battling Cancer and Blood Disorders a Suite “Taylor Swift” Concert Night

Recording artist Taylor Swift will play to a Bradley Center full of fans on Wed. June 8, but few fans will enjoy her show more than the 11 girls who will fill a special Bradley Center Suite thanks to the generosity of Kapco Metal Stampings of Grafton and the Bradley Center.

The ticket for this Suite experience comes with a very high price however. The ticket holders have to be patients being cared for in the MACC Fund Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin to get in. For this very special night, the girls will be just like every other Taylor Swift fan. The treatment rooms and clinic and hospital visits won’t be uppermost on their minds on this night. On this night, they will simply be screaming fans enjoying an exciting concert. I will have the good fortune to welcome the kids on behalf of the MACC Fund while also having a chance to thanks Kapco and The Bradley Center.

Kapco and The Bradley Center are veterans at making the kids smile. This is the fourth special concert experience which Kapco and the Bradley Center have provided children who are being treated in the MACC Fund Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. In January 2008, they hosted a similar group for the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus “Best of Both Worlds” concert while in 2009 they offered unforgettable concert experiences for the Jonas Bros. in July and Miley Cyrus in October.

Both Kapco and The Bradley Center are doing their best to give the children a chance to see an exciting concert. It will also give them something to remember that will bring a smile as they continue to deal with the challenges of their illness. The MACC Fund is fortunate to work with its great partner, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, along with the Bradley Center and Kapco to fill this special Suite with grateful children who are battling cancer and blood disorders.

You undoubtedly have head of Kapco, a leader in manufacturing in their state-of-the-art facility in Grafton where their slogan is “making people our priority.” The MACC Fund’s good friend Jim Kacmarcik heads Kapco and as shown by this concert is not only a leader in the manufacturing sector but is a leader in philanthropy and bringing smiles as well.

The MACC Fund has had the good fortune to work with the Bradley Center since it opened in 1988 in conjunction with the Milwaukee Bucks for the annual MACC Fund Game as well as other events. It hosted the MACC Fund’s 25th Gala in 2001 which raised net proceeds of $750,000 for the fight against childhood cancer. Wednesday night’s Taylor Swift Concert Suite experience is one more example of the Bradley Center’s commitment to helping the MACC Fund help kids along with Kapco. The girls and the MACC Fund thank Kapco and the Bradley Center for giving them a night to remember at the Taylor Swift Concert.

John Cary, Executive Director


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