Our Hearts Burst with Gratitude – Trek 100 Ride for Hope

Hi there—Lora here. Just taking a quick couple moments out of Trek 100 preparations to give you all props.


I’ve been watching our staff (all 7 of us, 8, if you count our amazing volunteer, Dee who puts together all of the rider packets) get ready for this event for the last six months. We work hard, there’s no doubt, but the theme that’s really been prominent, especially these last two weeks is this:

                     Without you–Trek Bicycle Corporation, volunteers, riders, and donors–
                                                This. Event. Could. Not. Happen.

There is no true way to say thank you for the lives that you will be helping to save on Saturday.

No true way to express how a parent feels simply knowing that 2,200 riders will come together on Saturday to help his or her child’s doctors find a cure.

No true way to say what 22 years of making miracles happen through the Trek 100 Ride for Hope truly means.

So, instead, we’ll ask that when you’re finished riding on Saturday, take a few minutes to watch the jumbo tron and meet some of the kids you are helping to save.

And then, hopefully, you’ll know why our hearts are bursting with joy and gratitude and hope simply because you are with us.

with gratitude and hope,


Lora Kaelber, Development Officer 

A very special thank you from Dr. Michael Kelly.


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