The 22nd Annual TREK 100 Rides Again for Hope

The eve of the TREK 100 is always a special night. We prepare for the TREK 100 throughout the year with added emphasis as each new year starts. The MACC Fund is blessed beyond words with an incredible sponsor like Trek Bicycle Corp. as the wonderful title sponsor. The 22nd TREK 100 will roll out of Trek’s impressive headquarters at 7:30 AM tomorrow. Nearly 2,200 riders have accepted Trek’s heartfelt invitation to “pedal for a purpose” and “ride for hope” over the four routes ranging from 19 miles to 100 miles.

The routes are marked and the volunteers and riders have their alarms set for early wake ups. The stage is set for another great ride. Rest stops staffed by enthusiastic volunteers will be brimming with all kinds of food and refreshments. Trek’s impressive Wrench Force will work with local dealers to help riders in need along the route which will be patrolled by support vehicles ready to help. The town’s people in the area surrounding Trek’s Waterloo site will cheer on the riders who will join in the special day under the watchful eye of the police and sheriffs.

Some of the riders will wear special T-shirts with pictures of a loved one who have died. Each rider will leave under the guidance of a dad who travels the back roads with his wife to help start the riders off safely as he has done for years even though their beloved traveling companion no longer rides next to them, but always rides with them. As he lines up the riders for each wave of bikes, he can be heard telling those close to him about his Angel who battled cancer for 13 years reminding us that we support research to honor those who have died.

Jon McGlocklin will welcome the riders the day after his birthday and nearly 35 years after he and Eddie Doucette started the MACC Fund during a Milwaukee Bucks game. Jon will watch in awe as thousands of riders and hundreds of volunteers answer the call once again this year as tens of thousands have since that humble beginning on the Milwaukee Arena floor 34 and a half years ago today. Jon will be the first to tell you that he and Eddie never dreamed so many would take up the charge like John Burke, the President of Trek Bicycle Corp. has. Thank God John and his passionate Bicycle Company associates did since the annual Ride is speeding toward the $10 million mark in funds raised.

The riders will hear from Brandon, a 21-year-old who credits them and the MACC Fund with the life he now enjoys. It is a life that seemed like a dream when he was diagnosed before Christmas nearly 9 years ago. Brandon will ride with great his family once again. Fifteen-year-old Nick will join Brandon on stage as a cancer survivor before setting off on his 9th Trek 100.

The wave of riders in colors of every hue will fill the beautiful country roads amidst the rich farmland. The land will be even richer on this special day as riders taking the time to care ride past on their 2-wheeled miracle machines which help power some of the world’s finest research.

An abundance of food, refreshments and music will await the riders return to Trek. The MACC Fund’s dedicated staff will be supplemented by caring volunteers with the goal of doing all they can do to help make it a memorable day for the riders who will be helping to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. I find myself thinking of many things on the eve of this great day. Concern for the weather dominates much of the thought which is pretty funny considering we have little say in the matter. In addition, past TREK 100s come to mind along with so many of the familiar faces I hope to see. Some will have to be seen in memories since they have passed on but not without leaving an incredible mark on so many people.

This year I will also be thinking of a very special young girl whom I was blessed to meet recently. I knew she was special before she said a word. So was her mom. After talking with the mom for a while, I learned that her daughter’s time was limited – “borrowed time” as she said. There was nothing more they could do for her she told me as tears welled in her eyes. Borrowed time. It should never be used to describe a 14-year-old. Our work is far from over as this phrase aptly reminds us. But I have come to learn that even on borrowed time there is always Hope. The TREK 100 offers Hope thanks to the generosity of Trek Bicycle Corp., its supporting sponsors and the thousands of riders and hundreds of volunteers who once again accepted Trek’s invitation to “Ride for Hope.”


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