Happy 35th Birthday MACC Fund!

Thanks to the support of ten of thousands of people, the MACC Fund is celebrating its 35th Birthday today. Birthdays are important to kids battling cancer and blood disorders. They are to the MACC Fund too, although we dream of the day when we won’t need to have another year.

We invite our friends in the Milwaukee television market to join with our wonderful friends from TODAY’S TMJ4 from 7 – 9 p.m. tonight as we celebrate the TODAY’S TMJ4 Sports Auction 4 MACC. This is the 31st consecutive year of live broadcast specials from the great folks at TODAY’S TMJ4. This is virtually unpredented in the Milwaukee market and likely around the country as well. Thanks TODAY’S TMJ4 and the generous Journal Broadcast Group. This is also the 30th consecutive year that Sargento Foods of Plymouth, Wis. is a generous MACC Fund broadcast sponsor.  Special thanks as well to Sargento.

Tonight’s show will end at about the same time the MACC Fund was beginning 35 years earlier. That “tip-off” ceremony in 1976 took place on the Milwaukee Arena floor honoring the retirement of Jon McGlocklin from the Milwaukee Bucks.  Jon and his dear friend and Bucks broadcaster Eddie Doucette co-founded the MACC Fund to help children like Eddie and Karen Doucette’s son Brett who was battling leukemia.  Thanks to Jon and Eddie and their wonderful wives Pam and Karen for daring to dream.  The MACC Fund’s first “success story,” Brett Doucette, is now married and works for a Children’s Hospital in Arizona.  The Bucks have been a steadfast partner under the generous ownership of Jim Fitzgerald until 1985 and Senator Herb Kohl ever since then.  Bucks Vice President John Steinmiller has been a MACC Fund standard bearer from Day One. 

The 35th annual Bucks MACC Fund Game will be Wed. Dec. 21 at the Bradley Center at 7 p.m. vs the Minnesota Timberwolves.  Visit www.bucks.com for tickets. Go Bucks and Thanks Bucks!

We hope you will join us tonight on TODAY’S TMJ4 from 7 – 9 p.m. as we celebrate a “Gift of Hope” which has generated over $40 million of research contributions in Wisconsin playing an important role in helping to raise the overall global cure rate for childhood cancer from 20% to 80% during the 35-year life of the MACC Fund.    

Please consider making your Gift of Hope at www.maccfund.org

Thanks for caring for children with cancer and blood disorders and thanks for helping the MACC Fund help kids for the past 35 years.


John Cary, Executive Director

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