Congratulations to MVP Aaron Rodgers

Congratulations to Aaron Rodgers for winning the National Football League’s MVP title!  Well deserved is an understatement as Aaron’s impressive season clearly points out.  The 48 of 50 voters who cast first place votes affirmed what the MACC Fund has known for the past two years.  Aaron is an MVP.  Two years ago in May at the start of the inaugural “An Evening With Aaron Rodgers,” Aaron said that he was “In it for the long haul.”  The “it” referred to the MACC Fund.  His statement was met with thunderous applause from the sellout crowd. Aaron has been true to his word and everyone associated with the MACC Fund, especially the children, are grateful.  The Third Annual “An Evening With Aaron Rodgers” which will be presented on May 22 in the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee’s Grand Ballroom by his fine management team from RBSH Enterprises is virtually sold out even though it is over three months away. 

Consistency is an important trait for any successful person, no matter what the field.  On the football field, Aaron’s consistency clearly stood out.  One need only look at his 45 touchdown to 6 interception ratio to see that. Packers’ fans remember that two of those interceptions could have easily been completions as well.  His consistency is also readily apparent off the field and the MACC Fund has been the grateful recipient of Aaron’s consistency. 

Aaron has indeed been “in it for the long haul” and lots of children battling cancer and blood disorders want to “high five” him for it.  Their visits to the Hematology, Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant Clinics at the outstanding Children’s Hospitals in Milwaukee and Madison offer a moment to look at a Packers’ helmet which Aaron autographed for each clinic.  They also can smile when they look at the autographed and personalized picture with his newfound friend Mickey Mouse taken during his whirlwind visit to Mickey’s home in Florida the day after he was named MVP in Super Bowl XLV last year.  Children treated in the Clinics, their families and dedicated caregivers say they take solace in knowing that Aaron Rodgers is on the MACC Fund team that is giving “Hope Through Research.” 

Lots of children helped by the MACC Fund also have autographed pictures with personalized notes from Aaron encouraging them.  Consistency is one of the hallmarks of a champion.  Aaron Rodgers is a champion with the MACC Fund for kids battling cancer and blood disorders.  Now he is the NFL’s Most Valuable Player.  He has been a MACC Fund MVP for the past two years during which he has played an important role in helping to raise over $400,000 for life-saving research.  Everyone associated with the MACC Fund – especially the children and their families – are glad that Aaron Rodgers is “in it for the long haul.”  Congratulations on another MVP title, Aaron.  It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.           

John Cary, Executive Director


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